Enrique Gonzalez

On Love and The Amazon


The roots of this musical compilation start in the Amazonian jungle when I try to imitate the howling of the Araguato monkeys, the song of the Toucan, and the mysterious silence that surrounds us. Music empowers me to use my hands and voice as an instrument, where each of my body parts can execute the drums, the keys, the guiro, the sound of the wind - either by blowing, rubbing or sweeping my hands. Within us we already have our human musical instruments. The lyrics have an influence from Spanish, Portuguese, and the indigenous dialects present in the Amazonian frontier. But these languages only come in second to the birds, monkeys, and rain - and it all comes together as a dream come true.


Thanks to God for finding great contributing musicians who give it all for the love of art. This result will hopefully have an effect in you as a listener of a wild sound and a wild voice that will make your "happy feet" dance and the rhythms go to your head.


Welcome to "Love and The Amazon"


-- Enrique Gonzalez

CD Tracks


 1. No Tengo Lágrimas 3:41

 2. In the Summertime 2:18

 3. Dieta Tropical 2:40

 4. Go Go Gooze 2:35

 5. Problema 3:49

 6. Yo Nací en un Paraiso 2:21

 7. Libertad 3:34

 8. Poco Pelo 2:27

 9. She´s a Cougar 1:58

10. Mi Cuba 1:51

11. Todito Para Ti 3:00


Vocals, ukulele and percussion by Enrique Gonzalez

Keys, sax, bass, flute, percussion and backing vocals by Josh Marcus

Trumpet and backing vocals by Eman Norman

Trombone on #4, 9, &10 by John Pope

Trombone on #5 by Steve McCallum

Violin by Anna Hess

Percussion by Jeff Watts

Timbales by Arthur Rouse

Additional percussion by David White


All songs written and produced by Enrique Gonzalez

Recorded and mixed by Josh Marcus, Eman Norman & Jeff Watts

Additional recording by John Pope


Special thanks to Jim Lindsay for his assistance


Mastered by Otto Helmuth


Artwork of CD cover by Enrique Gonzalez

Design and photography by Jeni McDaniel


Copyright © 2012 Enrique Gonzalez. All Rights Reserved



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